Private Client Management

Private Client Management

“Real Estate is a Living Organism That Requires Constant Attention”

Groen Realty Partners specializes in asset management of client multi-building portfolios. With a globally diversified customer base and on-going projects in just as many locations we simplify the management of our client’s investments and help them focus on answering the most basic question in real estate asset management “How is my portfolio doing?”

We pride ourselves in building a unique boutique property asset management team that has experience working with a wide spectrum of multi-building portfolios. With a history of managing assets that range from widely successful organically grown properties to struggling projects that require constant attention and our own experience to bring them to fruition we focus on the investment goals of our clients by mitigating their risk.

We think our real estate asset management approach works over a full market cycle, and fits well for long-term investors who do not focus as much on the short-term comparisons. We think real estate portfolio management is important and that investors should focus on how a firm manages risk and assets over time. Ultimately, how real estate investment results are achieved is almost as important as what results are produced over time.

With over 30 years in the commercial real estate industry, Groen Realty Partners has witnessed the evolution of the property asset management industry and believe that we harness the knowledge to navigate the market to maintain your highest value.