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“It Starts by Listening to What the Client and Market Needs” For over 30 years one of the foundations of Groen Realty Partners is our ability to take commercial projects… Read More
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Recognized as one of Houston’s leaders in commercial real estate asset services and management, Groen Realty Partners has earned a reputation for attention to detail with a client base that… Read More
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“Real Estate is a Living Organism That Requires Constant Attention” Groen Realty Partners specializes in asset management of client multi-building portfolios. With a globally diversified customer base and on-going projects… Read More

Groen Realty Partners

Specializing in commercial development, property management and brokerage, Groen Realty Partners offers a full array of real estate services in the south Texas region.  Groen Realty Partners develops projects for its own portfolio as well as with partnerships and outside investors.  GRP provides turnkey and build-to-suit project delivery from land acquisition to development planning and client move-in.

Groen Realty Partners offers an in-house team with the skills and experience to provide its clients commercial brokerage, property management, financial analysis, construction management and development.  We combine this expertise with the desire, ability and commitment to deliver you the best possible real estate solution to meet your needs.

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The Groen Realty Partners team has been providing real estate development, property management and brokerage services to the south Texas region since 1988.  Our group has a passion for the business and understands what it means to look out for the needs of our clients.  We have the ability to take an idea from concept to reality, with the flexibility to structure the project to best suit your business objectives.  Our company is responsive and service–oriented, and provides a unique and comprehensive menu of full service property management and leasing services.  On our clients’ behalf, we work diligently to maximize profits, enhance asset values and maintain good landlord/tenant relationships.

GRP also has an excellent record in the area of commercial property management. Commercial managers must satisfy owners who want the property to show a profit, tenants who want the property well maintained, and customers who want to do business in attractive, well kept surroundings.  Keeping these clients satisfied has led to the long range success of the commercial properties we manage.  While meeting a property’s financial goal is our priority, we also believe it is important to provide owners with personal and responsive service.  Properties are actively marketed to prospective tenants and commercial brokers through traditional media as well as creatively innovative methods, including direct solicitation, broker and tenant email ads, print advertising, website promotion, social media and a variety of other industry information sources and marketing tools.

Groen Realty Partners is comprised of a group who believes integrity belongs in the workplace and welcomes the opportunity to prove GRP will treat your asset as if it were its own.

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